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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to bathe stillborns. Many of the nurses I work with say there is really no way to bathe them espcially if the skin is already peeling. I... Read More

  1. by   Debbie, RN
    Our hospital uses the bereavement program guidelines from RTS-Resolve thru Sharing also. This program offers some great training and guidelines.
    When it comes to bathing a stillborn, esp. those who are a bit macerated and have peeling skin, we bathe them with cotton balls (much gentler) and Baby shampoo so that they smell like "babies" and it can promote a more pleasant bonding experience.
    We have a wonderful woman who comes to our hospital and helps our patients who are experiencing a fetal demise birth. She calls herself a "doula" for perinatal loss and she is wonderful with the patients and the babies. We are very blessed to have her. She volunteers her services, day or night. She uses a product from Crayola (the crayon-maker) that is called Model Magic. It is sort of a clay product that is very soft and pliable and she forms it into a little pattie of sorts and presses the fetus's feet into it.
    She places the form in a little pressed cardboard box that is decorated pink or blue with ribbons and such and it dries within 24 hours. She gets them from a local craft store. The patient and family are advised not to press on it until it dries. It is such a nice presentation and such a welcomed keepsake memory for the patient who is experiencing the loss. heartbeat
  2. by   iluvivt
    we put a little baby footprint outside the pts room so any staff entering the room knows the mother has lost the baby. I thought this may be a small part of the bereavement program you are starting. I really appreciate this so I do not ask the woman "did you have a boy or a girl"