Videotaping during births?

  1. I am new to these wonderful message boards :spin: and am a newer L & D nurse (one year experience)....I am just curious about your opinions/feelings about families videotaping deliveries. Does your hospital have a written policy about it? Many of the RN's in our facility do not want to be videotaped for fear of future litigation. I do not know of a written policy in our hospital and being new I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I have a video of my son's birth that I absolutely cherish. But as a new nurse, I don't feel comfortable being videotaped. I have had people shoving camcorders in my face while I'm trying to start an IV (I said NO WAY!) and people videotaping while I'm trying to maneuver around in a small space to help dry and stimulate a can be difficult to say the least. So, what are your feelings and/or opinions on this subject.....your help is appreciated!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    i would personally have killed anyone who videotaped me during any of my deliveries but

    this may protect and/or ward off unwarranted lawsuits..if the mom is ok with this set certain guidelines..yo must be free to do your job, person with camera will be ejected if rules not followed

    if you were happy with the tape of your delivery share this experience with others who so chose...
  4. by   hikernurse
    Our hospital's policy is videotaping the birth is fine as long as the vediographer doesn't get in the way and procedures (starting IV's, etc.) cannot be filmed. Most of the nurses are OK with this policy, but there have been a few times the camera was asked to be turned off r/t problems with the birth.
  5. by   tdr61
    At the hospital I'm currently at there is a policy in place that states there is no videotaping in the L&D or C/S rooms. With that being said, I will say that it is not often enforced. The majority of the nurses could care less if there is a video running or not as long as the person doing the recording is out of everyone's way. I will also add that we don't get many patients who want to video tape the birth so it's never been an issue.

  6. by   Gompers
    We had a very long discussion on this exact topic two months ago. Here's the link...
  7. by   MamaMadge
    Gompers....thank you so much! I read the previous discussion....lot's of good insight.
  8. by   nrse4evr
    Our facility does not allow any video of the actual birth itself although after is OK. I have a BIG issue with the gall of some family members who assume that I have no objection to being video taped, or photographed without my permission. I rejoice at the new baby being born and am blessed to be able to assist at so many of these events, but I have a right to an expectation of personal privacy in the performance of my duties. I would never presume to video another nurse starting an IV, performing a CX check, etc. This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything other that the protection of my own privacy. I don't know these people and object to them having pictures of me without my knowledge regardless of how innocent they might be,