1. Can someone tell me how long each trimester is of pregnancy? I just started OB in school and they talk about trimesters but I can't find it in my notes or my book how long each one is. I've never had kids myself so I really don't know.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Trimesters are generally 3 months, hence the name "trimester". However, the normal term pregnancy lasts roughly 40 weeks, therefore, really, it's a 10 month gestation we are talking about. It's of much more value when assessing pregnancy stages/development to discuss weeks' gestation, rather than trimesters or months.

    1st trimester, conception through week 12
    2nd trimester week 13 through week 27
    3rd trimester, week 28 until delivery

    but, again, the term pregnancy is really 10 lunar months.

    Hope this helps?
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