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Does your unit allow new nurses to do OB triage? If not, how do you determine who is assigned to do it? Thanks in advance for any feedback- :)... Read More

  1. by   flytern
    We have 2 exam rooms that we use for triage. During orientation, RN's take their turn at triaging patients. Orientation last anywhere from 6weeks to 4 months depending on prior experience.
    If the patient is in active labor, the triage nurse is that patient's nurse for the entire shift. Then someone else becomes the triage nurse.....
    I like the idea of new nurses starting with a patient from the beginning, doing the paperwork, starting IV's..... Needless to say, if the patient is truely active, someone is always there to help you get them admitted.

    Our triage area is in the middle of our LDRP rooms, so they are very centrally located. We have talked about having a separate area (w/6 beds)
    for triage, but really can't staff it adequately.