Travel Nursing/ Couple looking to travel needs some Advice...

  1. My wife and I are both nurses looking to travel this summer for a 4-13 wk assignment.
    We have been approached by about 20 recruiters with different companies. It seems that the pay deppends on the assignement. My question is what has been your experiance. We're hearing anywhere from low 20's per hr. to mid 30's an hr. We would just like to here from some experianced travel nurses on the art of securing a fair contract. Any input from some vetren travelers would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   HazeK
    We use Travelers extensively in our unit at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. Ask for Diane Williams at 702-731-8297, our unit manager. She can tell you what companies we are currently using, & maybe, salaries.

    We had an RN husband & wife RN Traveler team on L&D last year that were just fabulous workers & 'teammates.' Would love to have them back!

    hope this helps!

    Haze :-)

  4. by   cpkranky
    I am a traveling nurse in the Operating room and have been traveling for 5 years..there is a web site that offers different profiles on travel companies..the pay is very varied..the south tends to pay less where as the northeast pays more..the thing to look for in a company is what kind of insurance they offer and when it starts..either the first day of the assignment of the first day of the next month following 30days..and for free private housing..if you find a company you like and dont care about the of you will be compensated for the housing if you only get a one there is an option..some companies offer licensure reimbursment and some only offer it if you have been with them for several assignments. If you want more information email me and I will give you more information on different companys I have traveled with..would love to share that with luck