Transferring from Med/Surg to L&D

  1. Hi, I am graduating in this May. I really wanted to do L&D (have wanted to FOREVER), but so many nurses have told me I should get some Med/Surg experience first, so I applied for a Med/Surg position and got it. My question is how long do you think I should be in Med/Surg before asking to be transferred? I actually do like Med/Surge, but I feel like it is not my FIRST love. Also, what do I say to managers when I decide?
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  3. by   tele jelly
    I am in the exact same situation. i got hired on a tele/med surg floor, but really want to be in L&D. advice?
  4. by   Sengland
    Just thought I would offer some advice since having experience in both areas. I worked Med-Surg for 3 1/2 to 4yrs. Med-Surg gives such a good base of knowledge. You learn so much and see so much in that area. It also teaches such good organizational skills. You definitely have to be organized to work Med-Surg, prioritizing, etc. For Labor and Delivery you multi-task, but usually work with only 1 or 2 pt's. I work in a small community hospital where we do all three ob areas, L&D, post-partum and newborn nursery. I do love my job and love L&D mostly. It is definitely a specialty area, so the skills you learn from Med-Surg may not apply, but if ever you decide to change area's, med-surg is the good base to have. You can work anywhere after getting Med-surg experience. Hope this helps. I would work Med-surg at least 1-2yrs. It is very rewarding. Good Luck, Sengland,RN
  5. by   jplyrn
    I have only been a nurse for two years, but spent my first year on a med/surg/critical care floor in a major medical facility. After 1 year I was feeling very burned and wanted something new. I ended up moving to a very remote area and work at a small government hospital where I work as a med/surg/L&D/post-partum/ER nurse. It has been a great experience, but I am SO thankful I have that med-surg background. It helps me tremendously. I am actually hoping to move into OR at some point and am wondering the same you are, how long should I continue med-surg before trying OR. In response to your question, stay a year or so, but don't let yourself get burned....every nurse I talk to who has been a nurse for a long time has had many jobs. That's the beauty of nurses. Try what you feel a passion for- I truly believe our best nursing is done when we are passionate about our job. Good Luck!
  6. by   tobesmartt
    good luck to you in the l&d room. med surg is exhausting and you do get burnt out. try something new, you can always go back. they will take you cause they always need.

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