torn between 2 job offers--need advice please!

  1. Hello, I'm an RN with one yr of experience in adult oncology and i just got offered 2 job offers that i'm equally excited about. i have a passion for both areas and am seriously torn between the two. Job #1 is in a level 3 or 4 NICU (does ECMO etc) at a inner city children's hospital that has a 6 month orientation. Job #2 is a perinatal nurse position (mostly L&D but cross-trained in antepartum and postpartum) at a more hi-risk suburban hospital with a 3 month orientation. I really feel lucky to have both these options and never would have thought I would be offered them on the same day. For those of you who work/have worked in these areas what are your least favorite parts of working in LDRP or the NICU? I know they both are stressful, but would you say one is more stressful than the other? Would one open more doors (down the road) than the other? Any advice anyone can give me would be really appreciated. Also, do you think 3 months is long enough of an orientation in L&D esp when having to cross-train in pp and antepartum. Sorry so long and thanks again!:spin:
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  3. by   bubbly
    Hello and congratulations on your job offers! I am a new grad and I took the job #1 you described. I work in a level 3 NICU and I am really glad to be having a 6 month orientation. On the downside, it is stressful working in the NICU because some babies can be born with defects or get really sick and may die. I did not enjoy my OB clinicals in nursing school b/c I found it to be boring and did not like assessing my moody mothers-to-be. I did love the babies and that's why I went to NICU! I do still speak with the parents, but at least the mother isn't sick/in pain and I just have to help them with the psych and communication issues. It is just going to have to be your personal preference of whether you want to care mostly for the mother or the newborns. Also consider why you left adult oncology. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your job no matter which one you choose!
  4. by   Jules Anne
    I suggest shadowing for a few hours on each unit. Checking out your potential co-workers and environment may make the decision to go to (or stay far away from) one of the units. Good Luck!
  5. by   I_love_OB
    I work in a small ob dept that does, L&D, postpartum, antepartum care, nursery, gyn. 3 mos is not too bad if you are not learning any of the nursery aspect. You really have two opposite ends: moms or babies. I know people in our department that tend to stay far away from babes, esp if sick, and others who prefer the babies and stay away from the moms. You really should try to shadow for a few hours as suggested to get the best idea of what you will be doing.
  6. by   BSN06HH
    I agree, I would have really liked to shadow. I only got to shadow one of the offers (NICU), and the L&D job was offered to me friday and i have until tomorrow (monday) to tell them if i i only had the weekend to think it over. both positions are night shift so I did't even get a feel for what the night shift staff will be like. one of my main concerns is mostly only having a 3 month orientation for all perinatal areas, but i know finding a position in L&D without experience is really really hard to come by so i hate to pass it up. hmmm....i still don't know. Thanks for your responses so far!