Told not to push?

  1. This is sort of a personal medical question, but I am curious as to what should have been done--

    When I was in labor with my daughter, I was at about 6 cm and not enjoying the epidural at all. I asked them to turn it off for a little while so I could get some feeling back. Surprise surprise!! I am fully about an hour later, and with no epidural.

    Soo nurse checks my cervix and says "Don't push! The baby's head is about to come out! I may have to deliver it myself".

    Question A- I have heard that you are never to tell a woman 'not to push'. Is this true? Did my nurse do the right thing?

    So I precede to 'hold' the baby in for AN HOUR while waiting for the doc to arrive. I wanted to push so bad, but was repeatedly told not to. Finally doc arrived and baby was out in 20 min.

    Question B- When I asked for the epidural to be turned back on, my nurse refused saying that it wouldn't make a difference anyways--her reason was that the epidural does not help with the perineal and delivery pains. Is this true?
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Since this is regarding your experience, I think you should consult your OB. Allnurses cannot provide medical adice. I will need to close this thread as it violates the Terms of Service.