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Greetings and Salutations All Nurses, I am having one of those delmias where I am sort of offended for being a Pro_Choice supporter and a former nurse at a free standing Womens Center (Abortion... Read More

  1. by   jamistlc
    When I originally posted this I stated "Those who want to debate the issue of abortion need not reply!"

    I put this in my post atthe start of the thread as the subject was not abortion but how my experience has limited my options in my carreer! I do not want to get this can of worms running rampant on this board because I started a thread about a question I had and others have manipulated it to voice thier opinions about a heated subject.

  2. by   TDub
    Back on subject...could you word your resume as supporting a patient's choice? Maybe "choice" wouldn't work; it's a pretty loaded word. How about 'assisting the patient to achieve their health care goals'. That's really what our job boils down to, isn't it? We help our patients get what they want. Or maybe "supervising and performing various aspects of reproductive care".

    A little extrapolation:

    One can split hairs with 'what they want', but I stand by my statement. For example, if someone doesn't want to quit smoking, (isn't ready to face quitting) we don't encourage them, but we don't judge either. We can support them (not necessarily their decision) and say, "I will be here when you need me."

    Same thing with reproductive goals: someone wants to be pregnant, doesn't want to be pregnant, wants to avoid pregnancy, wants to finish their pregnancy safely. We can support women in all these reproductive scenarios no matter what our personal feelings are. If we let our own emotions make the decision whether or not to help someone, who draws the line and where? I have been assaulted and if I let my anger and fear rule me, I would abuse rapists in my care. That's not what a nurse does.

    We will be there when they need us.

    /soapbox, begin smile
  3. by   queenjean
    I think that your resume should include things like educating clients in regards to medications, treatments, and procedures; assisting in routine office procedures; assembling et autoclaving procedure equipment...that sort of thing.

    And honestly, is abortion legal or not? It's legal. You were not participating in an illegal activity; you were assisting in a legal procedure. If you feel uncomfortable specifying that you worked in a clinic that performed abortions; well, there are plenty of women's health clinics that DON'T perform abortions--I worked at one. I wonder if people think I worked at an abortion clinic when I mention it? Oh, well, I don't really give a crap; and you shouldn't, either.

    Frankly, if it disturbs you so much, you probably are spending too much time in the chatroom!!!!
  4. by   TDub
    Excellent point!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just a note: this thread is over 5 years old and the OP probably long gone.
  6. by   queenjean
    Oh jeez louise, I didn't even notice that when I posted--doh!