The shape of things to come...

  1. Last night I picked up a 4 hr shift on my GYN unit only to find out that the Supervisor closed our unit to GYN's, shipping them to OB, and admitting only medical pts to our GYN floor due to a "capacity alert". Of course L&D was full so where do you suppose our mothers were supposed to go with the beds full of GYN's?? What a major dominoe affect. Why not close our hospital to medical pts and divert them some where else..of course we had to re-open to GYN's and start transferring them back to our unit--DUH--who didn't see that coming--we all know how unpredictable L&D is!! Anyways, just a big pet peeve of mine--I'm tired of never getting to take care of a GYN pt due to all the medical crap we get. I am an OB/GYN nurse after all!!!
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  3. by   jamistlc
    Greetings All Nurses,

    Get use to it! This is life full of challenges! I do feel for ya! I can also see where the car for those medical clients could be harmed as person who orks in a specialty area loses some of their clinical skills. If they plan to do this frequantly they should flooat nurses from L&D/GYN to other Med/Surg floors so their skills will return! But to just say here they are go nurse will not work and is dangerous! I am trying to get a job in L&D, pp, or well baby and most have told me that I will also float to Med/Surg as part of the position, I have no problem with that as that is my background.

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  4. by   Q.
    Honestly, if I had to float to med/surg or any other area, it would probably be equally unsafe! I have done L&D and nothing else for the past 3+ years since graduating from nursing school.

    On the flip side of the coin, if L&D nurses are required to float, I think that is unfair to the birthing unit as who would float to L&D???? An ICU nurse??