Teaching of Childbirth classes

  1. Alright all you beautiful OB nurses....
    need some input, aye?

    How does one go about becoming savvy enough ( both internally and commercially) to sell your services as a childbirth class educator? Granted...I KNOW i need more experience...just seeing what types of thingsa I need to do....you know...for those 4 days off a week i will have once I am PROFessiON-ALE!!!

    YEHAW!!! ( i can't wait to be a person again, not a SN, extern...blah blah)
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  3. by   shay
    If you're not already a CPCE (certified prepared childbirth educator), here's a link to get you started:


    Hope this helps!

    Ooo yeah, try this too:


    Info on becoming a doula, which can open some doors too.
  4. by   CTRN1
    You should try calling your local hospitals. We get many flyers on our L&D unit from different companies that do weekend classes and programs to certify childbirth educators and lactation consultants, maybe they can share these with you.
    You should ask to speak with their childbirth educators as well. You might find out who they were certified through and they may let you come and observe their series. As you get further in your certification, they may be able to precept you or critique your own series, as many programs require this in your training period.
  5. by   joyrochelle
    those are great ideas! Thanks so much. It's kinda difficult to wade through the many certifications and all....

  6. by   obtnt
    I went through the DONA program which my employer provided as a perk. After I was certified as a CBE, I only need to refresh once a yr and it is not difficult to do at all. To really be a good CBE you need lots of experience in the hospitals your pts will use. If you aren't "with it" during class, the pts and their so's will know it right away! My advice, get in the trenches and work the unit, read up on childbirth and the latest news. After a few classes you get comfortable with the routine and the outline and your're off. Enjoy the class, the people, and think of yourself and a stand up commedianne!! It is a wonderful gig, if you can get it!