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  1. I am a cardiac nurse and very far removed from OB so I need some help....
    I am 34 5/7 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing contractions for several days. They are frequent, like 5-10 min apart and last 30-45 sec, however they do not cause me any discomfort. I only notice them because my whole abdomen becomes as hard as a rock .
    Anyway, went to the doc and they monitored me saw the contractions and admin. turbutaline. The med worked and they sent me home after about 30 more minutes of no contractions. They also did do an exam which showed 1-2cm dilated no effacement thick and hard cervix -4 station. This was all great so I drove home. By the time I got home (45min) I was again having contractions, but after working a 12 h shift and being at the hospital myself I just wanted to sleep. I woke up the next morning and had some loss of my plug and still had contractions so I went back to the dr. They again monitored me and gave me turbutaline. It worked and they said they would send me home with a script for it to manage the contractions myself. Fine. Next thing I know there was a change of plans and they decided to use procardia. They gave me a dose there and monitored me to make sure I did not bottom out. In the meantime they also checked fluid levels and did an exam. I was still 1-2 but I was 40% and there was some bloody show and more plug and station was now -3.

    I guess my question is now I am home on procardia and bp seems to be fine but I have terrible HA that I'm not sure if I should take anything for, and at times my abdomen still get hard, but it doesn't "feel" like a contraction.
    Should I go back or call or just wait for my next appt on the 31st.
    Does procardia cause HA or am I just stressed. This is baby #2 with no previous complications.....
    Thanks and sorry so long
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    Per our Terms of Service, we're unable to provide medical advice at Allnurses. Your best bet is to contact your physician to discuss your concerns. We do wish you the best of health.