1. Some of you may remember that I was hoping to get to attend the childbirth classes in my area. It seems that they have changed the class from once a week for five weeks to one Saturday all day. I was informed that because most first time moms are wanting epidurals that many of them do not even utilize Lamaze methods. They were going to instead fill the one day with an intro to the hospital, what to expect when having a first child, and a couple of videos. Therefore, the nurse who provides the class felt like as a soon-to-be nurse that I wouldn't be able to get much out of the class. Soooo...I am now seeking out other avenues for broadening my knowledge base for L&D and postpartum. Is there anything else you guys can think of that would help out? Any other classes or books I could read? I still plan to do my preceptorship at the end of this semester with one week on L&D and one week on Postpartum, but I just want to do all that I can to be prepared. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
    Thanks a lot!!

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    Hi Shannon!
    Is this the same peson who didn't feel it would be beneficial for you to take the course before? Surely there are other instructors in your area who may be willing to offer you the experience you desire. This person seems downright against you doing this, so find someone who isn't. I'm angered at her refusal to let you learn something! Her reluctance (or refusal) to let you do so only shows that she isn't all that interested in teaching. A good childbirth educator is a good teacher, and should be willing to teach her future coworkers as well as patients! Keep looking!
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    I agree that it would be a good idea to look for other classes. If the hospital is not offering lamaze, there are usually other instructors that do. Sometimes planned parenthood has referrals and information about childbirth classes.

    Another thing that you could try to increase your exposure, would be to work as an student nurse extern/ NA on an L&D or PP unit.... I found that to be a useful learning experience that was also helpful in getting a new grad position in an L&D training program.
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    As a "new" mom and an education advocate, I'm very disappointed in the childbirth educator you mentioned. She (or he) is assuming that all first time mom's want the big E; however, not all of us opt for it. Shame on her for assuming such a thing!

    With that said, you can go to and find a ton of information on childbirth (go to the pregnancy section) - there's even a childbirth education course offered. I hope this helps!