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Right after a duramorph C/S many of our L/D RNs feed the pt. Apple Juice and soda or graham crackers often with Percocts-I was taught that ice chips for the first 12 hours (IN some hospitals-24... Read More

  1. by   sbic56
    We very rarely see problems with patients that have resumed a regular diet often just a few hours after returning to the floor post C/S. (And, of course, early ambulation is key to avoiding gas problems.)

    On the duramorph debate: I love it's effectiveness, but agree the itching can be very bothersome. I have seen some good relief obatined by putting narcan in the IV fluid w/o losing the effectiveness of the morphine. Benadryl is only moderately effective in my experience. We do have one anethesiologist who won't use it because of the itching S/E.