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  1. Hello, does anyone have any suggestions on reading material or tutorials on learning how to scrub for a c-section? In a few weeks I will learn how to scrub but I would like a head start. Thanks!
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    Hello verock, I'm finishing up orientation for my first-ever L&D position and have spent the last 2 weeks training with our OR Techs. Though I don't have any recommendations for reading material, I do have a few suggestions. First, if your charge RN/manager is OK with it, can you go in the OR to simply observe? Maybe they'd allow you to scrub and stand next to the tech/RN, without actually touching items on the field. Also, if you can get hold of a tray of c-section instruments and someone willing to name them for you, then you can start to become familiar with them. The first time I opened a tray I was overwhelmed! All the instruments practically looked the same to me... When you begin training, be sure your instructor tells you the different names for the same instrument. (For example, what one surgeon calls a "crile" might be called a "point" by another.)
    Hope this helps! I really liked learning to scrub & gained a lot of confidence in just a short time.... Good luck!!
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    Thanks for your help!
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    In addition to learning the names of the instruments, it will help if you know what the doctor is doing and when. (After the skin incision, cutting the fascia. It's tough so you know he/ she will need heavy scissors. You have to extend the cut to the left and right, so the assistant will need a retractor. To elevate the fascia, you need 2 Oschners and Mayo scissors. Etc.) Different doctors may have different preferences on the specific pickups etc. and that is where Preference cards come in handy.