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  1. Hi All-

    I'm scheduled for a C-Section (baby is Frank Breech) on Tuesday of next week. First kid. Not upset about the non-vag birth, but want some advice as to anything I can do to make things go as smoothly as possible for the staff and myself.

    Any words of wisdom? I want to BF, hold him ASAP, etc. I'm not planning on going in there with a birth plan (that would tick me off as a nurse - how do you guys really feel about that?), but I do have an idea of what I like/dislike.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Had a c/section of my daughter for same reason: frank breech. A scheduled c/section is a lot different than one performed for emergent reasons, or after hours of difficult labor. It is much easier and you recover quickly most often, so try not to worry too much.

    First, please make certain you follow instructions NOT to eat anything after midnight (or whenever instructed) and do your best to get a good night's rest prior to the big day.

    The surgery does not take long nor is it all that bad. The anesthesiologist/CRNA is your best friend. He/she will be there to ensure not only you are safe but in good pain control and if you feel nauseous to help you out. Make sure you let him/her know if you feel badly. Nausea is quite common. Lots of meds for that. Also, do some deep breathing to relax yourself and concentrate on that new baby being in your arms very soon after it's over.

    After the case is done (takes less than an hour in almost every case), you should be taken back to either PACU or your patient room for a recovery period of at least an hour. During that time, be sure and let your recovery nurse know if you feel badly or if any pain is coming on. They may set you up with a PCA or if you have had duramorph in your spinal anesthesia, they may not, as this tends to be long-acting in pain control. Either way, if you get into pain, be sure and tell them. By the same token, you must expect a measure of discomfort----about 2 or 3 on the scale all the time. You will not be pain-free after any surgery, clearly. But if you are consistently over 4-5, say something. Same goes for any nausea or vomiting.....let them know.

    Also, if you are feeling well, and the baby is doing ok, you should be offered the opportunity to hold and breastfeed the baby in that first hour after your c/section. No reason why not, unless either of you is unstable. Take that opportunity! This is the best time, as baby is usually wide awake and most receptive. After that hour, the baby will likely go into "sleep mode" for several hours. And so should YOU!!!!

    Try to keep visitors limited that first day. You will be tired. You will have had major surgery; do not minimize this. You need rest to recover fully and more quickly. Take them up on any offer of stool softeners and gas pain relief, (e.g. simethicone). Once able, get up and move about as early as you can!!! Walking is great for recovery and you will feel better when you do! Just don't overdo.

    You will be allowed to shower the next morning, most likely. That also will help you feel better, so, do so. If need be, ask for a shower chair if you are unsure on your feet. Make sure you have help in the hospital with your newborn. Someone dedicated to caring for you or baby, not just sleeping away while you have to get up and get baby, is ideal. That person should be willing to get the baby for you to breastfeed and tend to him/her when fussy so you can rest.

    Other than that, good luck. It will be ok!!! Congratulations on your upcoming major event!!
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  4. by   purple1953reading
    My 4th child was born in a major Univ. Hospital, after transfer there with preterm labor at 33 weeks, with partial placental abruption. During induced labor, HR dropped in 70s . They were doing 3 sections, and had no Dr. let alone room to do another, so they literally pulled him out (not even -2 station) when I was 7-8 cm. It hurt like he** as I had no epidural or pain meds. Prior to this I had spent 3 days on Mag sulfate, and then another 4 days waiting for lung maturity. I watched them whisk the babies from delivery room to the post partum,nursery floor below the L&D. The poor babies were pushed so quickly in their isolettes they seemed to just roll around. Then moms were stuck for recovery in the Labor rooms. I made it clear that I wanted to see and hold my baby IMMEDIATELY post. When the baby was born, the room was crowded with about 15 people, called in for emergency , and he cried immediately in a dead silent room, You could hear the AHHHHHHHHS. Anyway, because of my prior concern, not even the neonatologist took off with the baby, they brought him to me, and after I said ok they took him for a brief period to exam n ICUN and then he was back with me in 10 minutes. I kept him for another 30 or so and breast fed. I would just explain that it was important to me, to immediately bond and nurse my baby, and if there were no complications, I would must appreciate having the baby in the recovery room to do so. Should not be a problem. Congratulations and good luck.