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I just started at a new hospital and I don't know if it is the lack of experience or what. D-cels happen, they don't ALWAYS need an intervention. So far, everyone I work with, seems to think, EVERY... Read More

  1. by   waterfall99
    No, this is not what I'm saying at all. Yes, I worry about decels and yes I intervene when necessary. But, having 3-4 nurses rush into a room for one little variable, when the primary nurse was already in the room, is NOT necessary.

    My point to the post was, I came from a facility that was very low intervention and relaxed and we were a high-risk facility. My co-workers contributed to the experience of the staff, MOST of the L&D staff had been there for 20+ years.

    Quote from at your cervix
    I have been an L&D nurse for 9 years now and yes I go into the room for every decel. Well, almost every decel, I don't worry about short V and W shaped variables but, is it really going to hurt anything to change mom's position? NO!! I don't freak the patients out with it though. I let my patients know right from the start that for a variety of reasons I will be frequently helping them to change position.

    Are you saying that you just watch decels and don't worry about them?????? I guess I just don't ever want to explain to anyone that I didn't respond to decels because I didn't want to worry the patient!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    sounds like you came from a great place to work, waterfall. I would miss it, too.