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  1. Please help, I am so confused.

    My wife wants to further her education in nursing and wants to take the "Inpatient Obstetric Nursing" exam. It will change her credentials from RN to RNCOB (I think).

    My role as hubby will be to gather study materials and help her review it in a "test prep" method. This is where I need your help. I don't know what study guides to buy or where to get them. Heck I don't even understand just exactly what topics the test covers.

    She already has about 25 yrs. field experience in L&D so we have a great experience base to work with.

    So at this point I don't even know where to start.

    I am sure I haven't given you enough info so feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

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  3. by   PattonD
    Has anyone recently taken the NCC Inpt OB Certification Exam?

    I read this post, pretty helpful.

    Also are there any testing angles I can shoot for like:

    Answering all easy questions then go back later for the hard ones.....etc..

    Answer all questions and tab the ones that you are unsure about to go back on at the end.

    Should you leave the hard questions blank or is it better to guess,..

    That kind of stuff.
  4. by   JadziaSolo
    The Center for Certification Preparation and Review (www.ccprnet.org) is a good place to start. They have study guides as well as a textbook list where a lot of the certification exam questions come from.
    Also, if Professional Education Center (www.proedcenter.com) has the certification prep course near, I would encourage your wife to attend. It was a GREAT informational course, and the instructor was very interesting. All 4 of us from my unit went to the class and passed the certification exam last September (we all have 5-25+ years experience)!
    The credential is RNC-OB.
    I wish your wife the best of luck. Let me know if either of you have any questions!

  5. by   twentyyears
    I recently took my exam in In -PT OB and passed. I studied from intrapartum management modules. Olds maternal-newborn nursing womens health across the life span. I reviewed my awhonn book that we use for intermediate and advanced fetal monitoring. I also paid for the study exam from ccpr. There were actual questions from the practice test that were on the exam. I studied for approx 2 months. Good luck