Recommended Resources - Mother/Baby/PP?

  1. Hi all! I started my new job in Mother/Baby this week and I am due to start on the floor next week. I was wondering if you can recommend any good resources for reading up on things? It's been a long time since that rotation in nursing school and once I graduated (June) I waited to do my NCLEX til August (study wise) then started a position in a NICU in September so my only real nursing experience is NICU and I felt too inadequate with the acuity to stay there after some time and that is why I went to find a different position - so I'd really like to reorient myself to the Mother/Baby and PP environment so I have a good headstart.

    For example when I started in the NICU I obtained a good resource on neonatal critical care. I liked having the resource to go back to. I'm going to look and see if I still have my maternal child nursing textbooks but not sure on that one! LOL!
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  3. by   OzMW
    Try this they have great evidence based guidelines on caesarean section IOL and intrapartum care. From the UK though.