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  1. Ok guys- I'm out of my league here. Here's the situation...28 yr. old gravida 2 para 2. C/O ongoing stress incontinence- describes feeling a sudden urge to go NOW ("run for my life type of stuff"), at first awareness of need. Also c/o severe radiating cramping from one side of uterus to upper thigh and lower abd. tenderness from ovulation through start of her periods, including "uncomfortable sex" (describes as pressure, not really pain) during this same time frame. Denies any discharge. No spotting-normally heavy flow. Extreme exhaustion with PMS and period. Ribboning of stool appearing between one-two weeks prior to start with a day or two of a "constipation" type feeling.

    Not my area- but I'm curious now. I told her I'd ask and see what you thought. Fibroids maybe? It sounds like her symptoms are getting worse with the higher hormonal levels. Any input?
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