question about rubeola & rubella?

  1. 1. When during pregnancy is the mother's rubella or rubeola dangerous to the developing fetus? Some of my sources say that German measles causes various developmental abnormalities in fetuses of mothers who contract the disease during pregnancy. My question is - which trimester?
    2. Another source refers to rubella {is "measles" referring to rubeola (=measles) or to rubella (=German measles)?} as a risk factor in terms of hearing deficit in children. When "measles" is used is it referring to rubeola or rubella?
    3. Do both maternal rubeola and maternal rubella cause hearing deficit in children?
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  3. by   Dawn27
    In answer to your questions :

    Rubella = German measles Rubeola = Measles
    1.Rubella infection is most serious in the 1st trimester, after the 4th month the rubella virus is less likely to harm the fetus.
    2. Rubella (german measles) is a cause of congenital deafness, amongst other things. Rubeola ( measles) is a cause of deafness in children but follows after childhood infection.
    3. Maternal Rubella in the 1st trimester of a pregnancy is a cause of deafness in any child born of that pregnancy.
    Maternal rubeola (measles) isn't a factor in congenital deafness as far as I am aware
  4. by   GingerSue
    I appreciate the explanation - thank you.