Question about L/D, Postpartum

  1. Hi everyone. First, let me give you a background on me, and what has been happening. I am currently a supervisor in home care, have been doing home care for almost 12 yrs with some interruptions due to ICU (peds, adult and heart transplant). I have recently gotten to the point of burn out in home care and am looking for a change. I contacted the hospital that I used to work for and they still have me as prn. I had asked about positions they had open. The comment was that they would love to have me back in whatever position I chose. I had enquired about an ER position, with hrs of 4p-2a 7/7 because I am working on my BSN. And Im a night owl. They called me back today and said that they ER position was filled, however, the nurse manager over L/D, post partum floor wanted to talk to me. She called, and wants me to come and talk to her this week. I have never done either. I think that it would be a great change. However, Im a little nervous. The nurse manager knows me, my work ethic, and what I am capable of. HR basically told me today that they could get me the job today and I could start tomorrow. Am I just feeling nervous because Im potentially moving out of my comfort zone? I will be going from one end of the life spectrum to the other. The position is 3-11, 7/7 and would rotate from L/D, post partum, to newborn nursery. In a way I hate to give up the Mon-Fri, 8-5 (depending on the day of the week, you all know that salary persons NEVER work only 40 hrs, and I could stop jumping up and down on my desk to get the nurses to do what they are supposed to be doing in the first place), but I would look forward to the 7 off, not to mention that I wouldnt be on call every other week, and not to mention it would be something completely different. (Which btw, is what my husband says I need right now...something to challenge me, like school isnt enough). Any advice, comments or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Also, any ideas on how to handle the interview, or any links to OB websites would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
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