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  1. OB is really not my field, so, I have a question. Last Thursday I had a positive HPT. Since I was at work, I had the lab draw a blood test totally off the record just to confirm. Sunday, also at work, I had some very bright red bleeding. My coworkers took me around to er. A pelvic was done that showed my cervix was completely closed, but, blood in the vaginal canal. A beta was run and the numbers were in the 4600's. This is right on target with my dates(this was a VERY planned for baby). The doctor told me to go home, stay in bed, and come back today for another blood test. Well, my numbers today were 6287. So, I went up but I didn't get my 60% increase. An ultrasound is scheduled for Tue. The bright red bleeding stopped almost immediately. Now, I have just a very dark brown. The amount was never very much. In fact, I never soaked a pad. Of course, to a newly pregnant woman any amount of blood seems huge. I guess my question is, how bad is it that my HCG didn't double? The hospital lab says the number should have doubled by now. My lab book says that it can take 72 hours. I'm hearing so much conflicting info that I really need some straight shooting. Thank for any advice you might have.
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  3. by   altomga
    Hey prettypaws

    With my third pregnancy I was bleeding from @ 3 weeks preg to almost over 2 months...worried me the entire time. I had HCG tests and ultrasounds numbers always went up also....but they would double plus in a week.....never really knew why I bled, chock it up to "implantation bleeding" long as numbers continue to increase and US look good keep your hopes my doctor kept telling me...THERE IS NOTHING I PERSONALLY COULD DO TO SAVE OR LOSE THE PREGNANCY!....I would either carry the baby or not. Kinda harsh sounding, but it is true. I at this time have a handsome 4yo boy!!!...

    Good luck and I will have you in my thoughts.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You need serial Hcg levels drawn and u/s to diagnose a healthy progress in pregnancy or not......
    I had a horrible experience with doubling hcg's---- yet a miscarriage---- at 8 weeks' gestation in January, so I wont' say much more. Suffice it to say, my u/s at 8 weeks showed we were in trouble and the pregnancy was a loss. The hcg's were NOT diagnostic in detecting my miscarriage, the ultrasound WAS. Heartbreaking news, as it was the 4th loss for me in just 2 years.

    I hope your outcome is better. I advise you to stay on your doctors about getting serial hcg's and u/s at the earliest point you can to make sure all is ok. (usually they can see a heartbeat by 6-7 weeks' gestation via vaginal ultrasound). Remember this: Hcg's do NOT necessarily rise steadily at all times, meaning at one point you may not quite double, yet will have TRIPLED at another. SO TAKE HEART and keep hoping for the best. I wish you well, I really do! Let us know how it goes.
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  5. by   Zhlake
    With both of my pregnancies I had bleeding from 5-12 weeks. Whenever I would try to get some reassurance online--I would always hear from women who spotted once or twice. But I bled continusouly during those weeks. Mostly dark brown blood, but sometimes red. I carried both mine to term.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    That is indeed GREAT to hear zhlake!