1. I'm a recent grad (BScN) and got my first job in L and D. It is casual and I am only guaranteed 4 12hr shifts in 4 weeks, although I have been getting a few more than that. I recently applied for a temporary full time position in NICU and got it. Now I don't know if I really want to leave L and D as I love my job there but not having set hours is somewhat difficult. Just wondering what others thought. Let me know.
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  3. by   Jolie
    How in the world have you been adequately oriented to L&D with an average of 1 shift/week? Most new grads receive 3-6 months of full time orientation to L&D. Anything less than that can not possibly be safe for you or your patients. I have never heard of a reputable hospital hiring a new grad to a casual position in any department, let alone a highly specialized unit.

    Run like the wind! And make certain that you will recieve an adequate orientation (12 weeks) in your new job.
  4. by   saskLBRN
    Thanks for your reply. I did have six days of theory orientation and five days of buddy shifts with the educator. We also have 8 nurses on at all times so with any questions etc there is always someone around. I am also not left alone for any deliveries and the charge nurse is always available if I need assistance. I guess I also had extra training as I did my final 6 week practicum for school in the same unit.
  5. by   RainDreamer
    In the words of Jolie above "RUN LIKE THE WIND!" 5 days of buddy shifts as your orientation?!?!? Holy cow!!!!!!!! Yeah sure they don't leave you alone for deliveries and the charge nurse is always available, but if something happens to one of those moms or babies, it's on your shoulders and it's your license .... and NONE of those nurses nor the hospital will back you up in court. Please leave that hospital ASAP, I wouldn't work there another shift.
  6. by   lashes
    I had problems finding full time PERMANENT positions when I worked in Canada. When whomever it is on leave returns, you might be left trying to find another job. I had to work as a women's hospital float ( no benefits ), and then I worked in ICU 4 shifts a month. It was always unpredictable... so I left! ( not that that is an option for everyone... ) I feel your pain but regarless of the offer for work, any orientation of that length in a specialized area is unsafe. New grads on the med surg units here get at least 12 weeks of orientation... Longer for ICU, ER, L& D, NICU and even TELE... I don't know what the situation is as far as job availability in Canada is now, but when I left, so did many other nurses. In fact for a long time, many of the units here were staffed with only Candadian RN's; they had experienced the same problems I did regardless of which province they were from. Don't sell yourself short and put your license on da line. Good luck! Keep looking..