Quality improvement in L/D question

  1. I need help coming up with a simple topic or idea for a quality improvement project for a labor and delivery unit. What are some problems on the unit that may affect quality of care? Any suggestions on how it can be improved? Thanks.
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  3. by   kakamegamama
    What about staffing? That's always a potential QI issue. Or, any use of disposables of any sort that seem to be of poor quality or that may appear to be that way because of the lack of knowledge of how to use them? What about charting issues? Don't know if any of these will help. Good luck!
  4. by   NurseNora
    How about getting the baby to breast in the first hour after delivery? In my hospital, the labor nurse does the recovery.
  5. by   OzMW
    Gee where do you start! Skin to skin is a good one. You could look at mobility in labour, the use of EFM on womne who don't need it, documentation, PPH rates....its endless