Pros and Cons of L & D Nursing - page 2

Since I am still looking into many areas rather than just sticking to my original plan of becoming a midwife, I am asking a ton of questions...if you wouldn't mind giving me some of your time could... Read More

  1. by   L&D_RN_OH
    1. Birth itself, as an experience.

    2. OB is a happy place, generally.

    3. Love my coworkers

    4. Autonomy.

    5. The chance to experience natural, low risk cases, but also gain more experience with high risk cases.

    6. the feeling of confidence in my assessment and clinical skills

    Cons, hmmm?

    1. Loss of pts, as on any unit.

    2. Unruly visitors

    3. Sometimes having to perform orders you don't neccesarily agree with

    4. Having to take extra call