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Like to know how your hospital handles c-section or nsvd patients who must remain on MgSo4 for 12 to 24 hrs post delivery. Do they remain in your L&D unit until off Mg? Are they moved to post... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    We keep mag pp pt. in the LDRP room if she's an svd. For C/S mag pp, then we move her to the floor (around the corner) where we have gyn , C/S, and pp overflow. It is all the same staff, so ofter the nurse she already has stays w/ her. Care is usually 1:1 pp or maybe the Mag pt. and one more "simple" pp pt. We are level one w/ 6 LDRP's and 12 overflow private rooms. We have 650-700 deliveries annually. Baby can room in only if support person is present.