pitocin after delivery,how do you do it? - page 2

ok everyone I want to know how you give pitocin after vaginal delivery. how do you mix it? what rate you give it? do you titrate it to bleeding ? if so how much for how long. how long do they... Read More

  1. by   parker in arkie
    he WATCHES sporting events during DELIVERIES?????? *****??

    he would fall under """persons injured by a patient""" ...

    lol...guess i would feign old cheerleader caught up in the heat of the game and JUST HADDDDD to KICK THE BALL!!!!!!

    how disrespectful and DEMEANING to the laboring woman for the DR. *cough* to be watching a BALLGAME while she's birthing her child...NOT TO MENTION DISTRACTING....

    oh man..feeling the blood boil and know ing i could go on and on...

    **stepping down from the soapbox***

    sorry for the RANT..

    **curtsies and exits stage left***
  2. by   imenid37
    agree w/ you, most times it's 'cause "dad" already has the game on.