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I am brand new to L&D on orientation with 2 great preceptors. There is no standard protocol for pit administration after delivery. I asked how they knew how much pit to give considering I did not... Read More

  1. by   RMH
    We give 10 units IM or IVP after delivery. There is preprinted orders. Anything else has to be a order from the physician.
  2. by   greyhorse
    First of all, I am new here, this is my first time to post. I have been an OB Rn for 5 years.

    At our facility standing orders are 20 u pit in 1L LR after delivery, this is run at a rapid rate immediately after delivery of placenta for 500cc then 125cc/hr. We occasionally give 10u pit IM if Dr requests for excessive bleeding. Also, Methergine if uterus will not contract, Hemabate if all else fails.

    Our hospital is small 20-35 del a month. We have two OB/Gyn and 4 family practice docs that do deliveries. They all got together and made a set of standing delivery orders that they were all able to agree on with minor variations.

    Glad to be here!