Orientation to L&D

  1. From your experience, what is the "normal" length of time for orientation of a new nurse to Labor and Delivery? Specifically, for a new grad with no nursing experience? There are 2 hospitals in my area that are hiring for L&D, "new grads welcome" and it made me wonder.

    Thanks ahead of time for your responses.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Is this strictly a L&D unit, or is it LDRP care with Mother-Baby responsibilities, and ante-natal patients thrown in? For strictly L&D, insist on a MINIMUM of 12 weeks, including classroom orientation for fetal monitoring, OR, and NRP. For LDRP, accept no less than 16 weeks, with the above mentioned classes included. After orientation, you will need a mentor on your shift for up to a year. Good luck!
  4. by   Angel Baby
    12-16 weeks is reflective of a sound program. It should include didactic instruction and clinical mentoring with a preceptor. The Nurse Practice Act states you should continue to receive supervision for the first 6 months (minimum).

    My preceptor told me it would be 18 months before I began to feel confident and a full 5 years before I would be ready to handle any situation--she is a pretty wise person.