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I try to be professional at all times during exams, but this one from a couple of years ago still stands out in my mind. I was assisting during an annual in a clinic. The patient was a young... Read More

  1. by   parker in arkie

    I did some indepth teaching with her before I sent her home. She said she didn't think she needed childbirth classes because her MIL was going to be there to "tell me what to do"....



    SCARY VERY SCARY!!! well, she'll opt for childbirth classes, heavy drugs, or NEVER HAVE A BABY AGAIN after this birth!
  2. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Nah, she'll be a mother of 6 before she's 30 because her because she'll also believe that pulling out is effective birth control
  3. by   Texagain
    Shandy- that reminds me of something. Had a patient referred because the previous Doc (GP) noticed 2 cx's upon the patient's first exam. She was a young girl, seemed a little slow, was accompanied by her father htat day, and said she was getting married soon. Anyway, she indeed had two cx's and two uteruses (sp?). The Doc was beginning to try to explain to situation to the patient and her dad, when the patient blurted out "Oh my god. I don't want to have twins." She was not pregnant.
  4. by   NurseDianne
    Right after I became a nurse, I was assisting w/ an exam in the ER pelvic room. The doc, known for his temper and baldness, of course was on duty. He told me to pull the overhead lamp down closer. Well.......I'm kind of short and couldn't figure out how to get it down. No stool to be found, and NO way was I going to leave the room. So I kind of did a little JUMP.......down came the lamp in a hurry, right on top of his bald spot......OMG.......:chuckle he jumped up cussin' and I was backing away laughing.....the patient w/ her feet up in the stir-ups was laughing too..........Left a scar on his head.......now he will grin about it, but thought I was a goner for a while there!:imbar