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  1. I am looking for some input, I am working on revising the job description and duties for our units OB Techs. I work in a Family Center Care Obstectrical Unit. We need to redefine the role of the Tech because ours our out of control.... Any help would be great.... thanks
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  3. by   nograd
    Maby I could help. I am currently working as an OBT. We are not CSTs, but have been trained at our facility. We have a LONG list of duties. Since we don't currently have a night secretary, we have covered that role as well as our OBT responsibilities which include:

    Set up for vag deliveries
    Set up and scrub for c/s
    Set up and scrub for tubals
    Set up and scrub for pp d&cs
    Set up and scrub for emergency pp hyst/ c-hysts
    Assist for extensive vag lac repairs
    Admit pt to room- EFM, vs, basic info
    If another OBT is scrubbing, help RN circulate
    Stock rooms
    Answer phones, call light, door
    Enter orders in comp as needed
    POC testing
    Controls on glucose monitor
    Finger stick/heal sticks for glucose
    Clean ob equipment
    Wash down ORs (except mop)
    Wash up recovery pts
    Assist RN as needed
    Assist MD as needed
    Assist other OBT as needed
    Help Secretary as needed (when we have one)
    Care for pt as needed
    Basic pt care (we are CNAs as well)
    Transport pts
    Open rooms for expected pts
    Clean (not sterilize) instruments
    Bring instruments to processing
    Stock epid carts
    Stock blanket warmer
    Assist RN after delivery with mom and baby
    Vital, weight, footprint, clean up baby after delivery
    Break down beds for vag del
    Assist with pushing as needed
    Put mom on tele
    Open/set up rooms for scheduled NST, IND, C/S
    Set up epid equip/bring cart
    Set up tub (we do water births and have portable tub)
    Clean up room as needed
    The list goes on....

    It is too bad that you are having problems with your techs, I hope this helps.
    Nicole, OBT
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    being an ob tech sounds like fun! I should of looked into it while in nursing school!
  5. by   kajama
    Thanks for your list of duties, our's are similar but to have them actually keep up with what they need to do is hard. We have one Tech that is trained to scrub since she had that resposibility at her previous job, LPN's are our main scrub at our facility, and there would be war if we started training the other OBT's to scrub. My main goal is that they stock our LBR's and OR's correctly. We have cell phones that we use on our department that our Tech carry with them so we can get in touch with them when we need them ( to open LBR' and OR's ect.) but they are constantly using them for personal calls and are busy when we try to call.. Again thanks for your help.... Sounds like the OBT job works at your facility.....
  6. by   nograd
    I am glad to help. But I have to ask how many LDRs do you have? My facility has 9 LDRs, 1 Early Labor, 2 ORs...soon to expand. We do about 250 deliveries a month. We do not carry pagers/phones. We are expected to know what is going on with the patients we have and can read the strip so we know when and where we will be needed. We also always check in with the nurses and if we leave the floor we are on pagers. Have you thought of replacing those phones with pagers? It might help eliminate the phone calls, cost less and you can use a code system for emergencies and needs. Like crash sections are 911 for us we go directly to the OR open and scrub no questions asked...Just a thought.

    Ayanna... It is fun, I work nights and we have a blast It can be stressful at times, but I like the adrenaline rush. I too am in nursing school and have been doing this about a year. It has helped enormously...Go for it, if you like keeping on your toes, don't mind hard work and fluids

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    Hi, I work in a very large top ten hospital. We have nurse aide III and surg. techs but all they do is scrub. The nurse aides on the other hand 2nd in deliveries, stock rooms, staff nursery,set up del. tables and do post-partum care with a co-nurse usually splitting the assignment btwn. the two of them.We circulate through triage and high risk and if needed in our 3 ors and recovery room. We are highly trained and have more than one certification including neonatal resucitation. Baby baths and demos. are in there somewhere with asst. moms with breastfeeding. We only have LDRP's and an overflow unit that we usually put ante's on and one nurse and an aide staff that floor because we do FHT and NST also. Sorry if that sounds jumbled so many thoughts running through my head. It is a great place to work as a tech or aide to see if this is the kind of nursing you want to do. I hope this helped someone.
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    Quote from kajama
    I am looking for some input, I am working on revising the job description and duties for our units OB Techs. I work in a Family Center Care Obstectrical Unit. We need to redefine the role of the Tech because ours our out of control.... Any help would be great.... thanks


    I am finding through the course of doing my prereqs that I may want to become an ob tech. What formal training is there? How can I obtain more information about becoming one? Has anyone heard of the program through www.medtexx.com? Thanks!

  9. by   EndlessLites

    I am currently an MA and am also interested in becoming an OB Tech! Unfortunitally the only training program I have seen is the online/home course offered by "Medtexx" and I am conserned about learning the hands-on that all perspective employers are looking for. Any suggestions as to alternative schools or programs?
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    AWHONN has a positioning statement on the use of non-licensed personnel that is very good, it is the model that our hospital uses.
  11. by   jarvis
    I am an OB tech also. Some of our duties include:
    scrub tech for C/S, set up for vaginal deliveries, stock the labor rooms with the necessary supplies for a delivery and any emergency that may occur, break down delivery carts, assist with deliveries, set up for circumcisions, stock epidural carts, warmers, delivery tables, and cabinets. We do the hearing screenings on the NB's and the weights and Transcutaneous. bili's. We fold blankets and T-shirts and put them away. We also do secretarial duties including birth certificates. If need be we also set up our mist hoods for our RDS babies and handle the paper work for any babies that may need to be transferred out. I think what helps is that we are not over whelmed and we are able to perform our duties at our very best. What does not get done by me or another tech will be picked up by the ob tech on the next shift ect.. I hope this helps you.
  12. by   jarvis
    I am a CMA also. I did not need additional training for the OB tech position that I am currently in,other than the scrub tech part and that was tought to me by our own OR staff.