OB tech?

  1. I read a thread about OB techs and it sounds great! I didnt know they even existed! I am just about done with my first semester of school and would love to be an OB tech. What are the qualifications? Are they in demand? Any input is appreciated!Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   headin'there
    Hi Jessjoy!

    I just recently learned of such a thing myself. Here in AZ at a hospital that I volunteer at, the name they use for them (if I'm on the same track as you) is Patient Care Technician. I wasn't aware that they had these in the OB department.

    I asked a nurse what duties a PCT would have in the OB dept. and she was kind enough to fill me in. She said that they set up and take down equipment and such needed for a delivery. They clean up afterwards. They help hold up legs when and if it's needed. They get things that nurses need (errand runner), etc.

    As for whether they are in high demand; I'm not sure. I know that I've been 'drooling' over an opening that I've seen posted for 2 mos. at 'my' hospital for 11pm-7am. As I'm just beginning to tackle my pre-req's in Jan., I'm not able to work in that capacity yet because as far as I've read (you might get info. from your local community college) I'll need a CNA license and then a couple of courses on top of that (Phlebotomy, EKG, etc.).

    Hope this helped a little. Have a great day!!

  4. by   Brown Suga
    Hi Headin'there,

    I was just wondering which AZ hospital you are volunteering at. I am also in AZ working at Del E. Webb in Sun City West. The hospital is opening a L&D department in February and I am trying my best to transfer to their department. I currently attending Boswell School of Nursing in connection with MCC.
  5. by   headin'there
    Hi Brown Suga!

    I volunteer at John C. Lincoln Hospital (taking pictures of the newborns, 'stealing' hugs when I can and doing other misc. things as needed in the OB department) . I have been welcomed with open arms by the wonderful nurses there which leads me to be to think that I'd love to work there when I get some education under my belt. I'll be just starting to hack away at pre-reqs in Jan.

    I'd like to work there part time when I'm able to be a Patient Care Technician (they've had an opening posted for the OB dept. for a while now) on my way to becoming an RN.

    How far along are you in school and where are you headed (ADN, BSN?, etc.) ?

    I had heard that they were going to open up a women's center at the Del Webb hospital. Good luck to you... I hope you get into their L&D dept. and that it turns out to be a wonderful job for you!!

    Hope to hear from you soon! Have a good one!!
  6. by   nograd
    Hey Jess...

    I am currently working as an OBT and LOVE IT

    I had actually never heard of an OBT until I worked as a secretary on post-partum...It seems kinda like the unknown position in the hospital. Around here they are not in great demand because those who become an OBT usually stay.

    It is different from a PCT position in our hospital. You have to be a CNA or finish one year of nursing school before you can train. We were trained on sterile technique, scrubbing and some assisting, we do first assist in emergent cases. If you read the post on responsibilities, you will see that in our facility it goes far beyond basic care.

    The salary is higher for a OBT than a PCT due to the advanced skills and responsibilities that go along with our job. Most of us are not CST (Certified Scrub Techs) but have been trained specifically to OB-GYN cases, in other words I wouldn't have a clue what to do if presented with a cardio-thorasic case.

    The OBTs at my facility are pretty well rounded and have also been instructed on fetal monitoring, labor patterns, IUFDs, and can start an admission if the unit is hopping. We can't do assesments or push meds, but we have been specifically trained on some interventions under the guidance of an RN like shave & scrub preps, positioning and what to do in a decel.

    We are pretty much the RN's second set of hands and eyes and work as a team, each one knowing their part.

    Look into it if this sounds like something you want to do, I can't gaurentee all good days but there is something about a crash c/s at change of shift and fast deliveries that keeps me coming back to work every day.

    It's fun, if you are an adrenaline junkie like me

    BTW, I too am a first year nursing student...and hope to stay just where I am...in L&D

    Nicole, OBT
  7. by   jessjoy
    nograd, thanks so much for all the valuable info. I am definitly going to look into it!!