OB Nurses--I need advice and input

  1. Hi,
    I'm hoping that someone can give me some feedback. I have been a nurse 5yrs and have been working private duty for the past 4. I have recently enrolled in an RN refresher program to update my skills and theory--IF YOU DON'T USE IT YOU LOSE IT!
    I'm really excited and definitely very nervous as it's like starting all over again.

    I'm hoping that someone can steer me on the right pathway as to how to become an OB or NICU nurse. I have an extremely strong desire to pursue these areas of nursing as I was a high risk patient with both of my children; Pre-Eclampsia(HELLP) & Complete PP. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to the nurses who cared for us. They were compassionate, informative, reassuring etc.. I made sure that nursing administration knew how lucky they were to have these wonderful RN's by writing to them after each pregnancy.

    i'm hoping that you can answer some of my ?'s:
    What CE Courses should I take?
    Does your hospital hire/orientate new nurses into ante/postpartum or L&D? Will I need a yr of Med/Surg 1st?
    How much peds experience do NICU nurses need on avg?
    Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in the NYC area.
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  3. by   MercyAngels
    Although I am not familiar with the policies of NY, I will try to help. Obtaining NALS certification would be a big plus!! The fact that you have nursing experience in another field is beneficial also. You don't necessarily have to have med/surg or L&D experience; check with the hospitals in your area. Let them know your interested!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!