OB Nurse Tribute

  1. I just want to say a HUGE thank you the night nurse I had @ Ottumwa Regional 5 years ago in L/D. I am sorry but for the life of me I can not remember your name and hope you read this and know who you are. You saved my life Feb. 26, 2002 after a postpartum hemorrhage. You were the kindest, most wonderful nurse I've ever had. You truly inspired me and now thanks to you I am a nurse. I hope you always keep the compassion you showed me that night. Thank you more then words can say.

    To the rest of the OB community, you too are awesome in so many ways. God bless all of you.
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  3. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    Jessica - may you carry and pass on the compassion you received as a patient, now as a nurse, to your patients. :-) Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!!
  4. by   Heatherp77
    I am just about to start nursing school in January. I have 3 children and had HORRIBLE experiences with my first 2. I gave birth to my daughter last March, and had the most WONDERFUL experience my nurses name was Gail, and she was so wonderful, encouraging, and compassionate. She redeemed what had been altogether terrible in the past. I will always be gratefull for her kindness. I brought her a card and small gift when I left the hospital, but I really don't think I could ever put into words what a wonderful nurse she is.