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  1. Can anyone recommend a good OB nursing journal ? If so, please include subscription info. Also, are any of you members ob nursing organizations? If so which ones? Thanks in advance for your help.

    P.S. Be prepared for lots of questions, new to OB:imbar
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    I believe it's a good idea to be a member of AWHONN if you are in maternal/newborn/GYN nursing. Theirs is the standard by which we practice this area of nursing in the USA. They have a journal and informational peridocals; JOGNN, AWHONN Lifelines and Every Woman (ask your doctor if they have a copy for you, they are free to hospitals/clinics) that are helpful in keeping current in the speciality and passing information to our patients. They also have many good books on fetal monitoring and maternal nursing that are valuable to practice and later on, certification, if you choose to do this.

    Go to www.awhonn.org for more info on membership and the services they offer.

    There is also another periodical, Journal of Maternal/Newborn Nursing , another good periodical to keep current.
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    Thanks Debbie will check out that link.