Nsg dx for hematoma formation

  1. Our unit is trying to be more specific with care plans/nsg dx because not everything is being addressed. Are there any specific ones you use?

    We currently use: Alteration in comfort r/t pain
    Knowlege deficit
    Discharge planning
    Potential for infection/injury

    I have added so far: Urinary elimination, altered
    Bowel elimination, altered
    Sleep pattern disturbance
    Nutrition, altered: less than body requirements
    Activity intolerance
    Altered immune system response r/t Rh factor iso-
    immunization or r/t lack of rubella antibodies
    Alteration in tissue perfusion
    Ineffective breasfeeding
    Family Coping, potential for growth
    Impaired gas exchange

    Pitocin....................Fluid volume excess, potential
    Hyperemesis............Fluid volume deficit, actual
    Induced abortion......Grieving

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Even though we hate doing them, they must be done and we already have some of them preprinted which helps immensely!
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