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  1. I posted in the ED forum yesterday asking if anyone had taken the NRP course and did not get any real response. My inquiries in person have been the same. We all have to take PALS. Some have ENPC which I am scheduled for. But most don't even know NRP exists.

    Do you guys feel the NRP course would cover a lot not covered in ENPC and PALS and be beneficial for an ED nurse? I am at a large trauma center that is the busiest in our state. We have a Peds section that I only occasionally work in. That however is always full and a critical kid is brought to a main pod room. Any critical neonates get an immediate call to L&D for someone to come down but I just want to prepared for a worst case scenario.

    Thanks for any guidance.
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  3. by   klone
    How many deliveries do you see? Are you not ever able to get anyone from OB down to the ED if you have someone coming in for a delivery who can't make it up to OB? With as expensive as it is to offer NRP and maintain certification for the staff, and considering the number of deliveries the average ED sees (in our ED, which is a large level one trauma center, they call OB staff who come down and manage the deliveries, so there are usually NRP certified staff in attendance at most ED deliveries), I would say it's probably not cost effective or beneficial. NRP is a use-it-or-lose-it skill. Even in our OB, without regular drills and mock codes, many staff forget how to do it, and they still have the opportunity to do it for reals on probably a monthly basis.

    The vast majority of the NRP rubric is designed for delivery and the immediate postpartum period. Once they're outside that, then your PALS skills will usually suffice.
  4. by   Avenger1
    Great advice. Thank you so much.

    We definitely want OB to get down and handle it ASAP lol. And they are very, very good about getting there fast.

    I will stick with what is taught in PALS and let the pros handle the rest. Thank you again.