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Hi All! i am new here. I will be starting my first clinical semester on January 23 and I am not sure if a career in OB nursing is for me. Ever since I had my 2 daughters, I have felt like I had... Read More

  1. by   mother/babyRN
    Only the very best to you...Wherever you go your patients will be lucky to have you. Don't be afraid of showing your emotions. People need other people to understand who they are and how to make them feel better in the scary place of the patient world. Someone who is emotional is not a hinderance, but a help. Don't discount your ability to empathize with the pt. It is much easier to sympathize then to empathize. It is what you take with you to nursing that enables you to become a good nurse..It is what you take away from EACH experience with a pt, both good, sad and bad, that continues to enhance and enlighten your nursing career..No one says it is easy. Sometimes it downright gets on your nerves. A real nurse keeps going back. Keeps learning and keeps trying to do the best for his or her patients and themselves. The balance isn't often perfect, but it is always worth it....Good luck to you!
  2. by   NurseHeather
    Thanks again Very nice things to say to me