Newborn reflexes

  1. Does anyone know what the magnet, trunk incurvation, and crossed extention reflexes are and how to assess them?
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  3. by   DebblesRN
    Okay, the trunk incurvation is also called the galant reflex.

    Galant Reflex
    If your baby is on his stomach and you stroke neck to the spinal cord (paravertebral area) on his middle to lower back, it will cause his back to curve towards the side that you are stroking. This reflex is present at birth and disappears by 3-6 months.

    The Magnet reflex and the crossed extension reflex--not sure about those. I can find info on the cross extension--but it does not tell you how to assess it. Maybe someone else has some more info for you. I am thinking that these are reflexes that a Neurologist would be testing in an in depth exam, but are not routine for nurses to look for. Wish I could be of more help.