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  1. Help!!! I am starting a new job in a Women's Health and Surgical Services office. We have three Drs. and a Nurse Practitioner. I know absolutley nothing about this stuff and was hoping someone can give me some advice and also suggest some books to study up on. I'm not even familier with all the ob/gyn terms. I'm scared to death and wondering if I'm in over my head. Can anyone help me??
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  3. by   mom22
    I worked in a very large OB-GYN office, then an infertility clinic, and am now at an all womans hospital. I have LOVED all three jobs. Be enthusiastic, ask lots of questions, practice saying "I don't know, but I'll find out"- LOL. Maybe the Docs or NP will loan you some textbooks if you haven't thrown out your old maternal fetal texts. You'll do fine if you are an inquisitive and interested person.