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We are in the process of trying to develop some little "perks" for our patients. Some ideas have been a steak dinner for the new parents or a gift certificate for them to use at a resturant at a... Read More

  1. by   danissa
    Quote from lmc512
    i think we need to get rid of this idea that we owe our pts something. we owe them nothing but safe, competent care for them and their babies! ob pts these days need to stop worrying so much about their free steak dinner and start worrying more about taking care of their babies instead of sending them off the the nursery. the nurses already know what to do, it's the parents that need to learn. it drives me nuts that nurses are being treated more and more like a stewardess or personal assistant. give them a few extra diapers and send them on their way! their "perk" is a happy healthy baby and a mom that is alive and well!
    :yeahthat: totally agree...the "perk" is the baby!!! God, world gone mad or what!!!!
    Well said lmc!!
  2. by   magz53
    We give stupid 5 $ coupons for our gift/snack shop if a patient is inconvenienced in any way, such as having to wait 2 minutes even for a nurse. Or if there is noise from construction outside etc. I say, deal with it. The inconvenience was not purposeful and I am embarrassed to be groveling for approval from patients. I refuse to give them out as I think it makes the hospital look foolish and may bring to their attention something they may not have even noticed !! We are all professionals doing our best and if an emergency with one patient has another waiting for a few are in a hospital !! I am so tired of all the entitlement issues. I agree with the other poster........excellent safe care should be the perk and the result of that is taking home a healthy baby who might not be here but for the education and fast-acting professionals who cared for you.