Need Help on Centricity Perinatal charting

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just recently (two weeks ago) transfered to the womens services division in our hospital system. It includes L&D, PP and Nursery where they are using centricity perinatal charting along with cerner. I have previously been in hospice for the last 15 years and we did not do EMR charting so I am making a big change. I had some training on the cerner but the only training available on the centricity is trying to learn while taking care of patients. I am a very visual learner and this does not work well for me. I am fairly computer literate and once I learn something I never forget it but I need to be able to learn by doing it slowly and writting the steps down so I can place them in my long term memory.

    So... that being said does anyone use this system and know of a handy dandy quick reference guide I can use till I learn the system? I have tried using google and can't find anything that actually shows the screens and shows you how to navigate in the system. The individual training me is a supervisor in the unit and has worked OB for 20 plus years. She is very busy and is not a teacher by nature so she has very little patience when it comes to explaining things to me more than one time so I want to try to learn as much as I can on my own so I won't be a burden to the department.

    Oh and if you are wondering what in the world would posses me to leave hospice after 15 years, the answer is the usual one politics and management. It was never related to taking care of the patients. I considered it an honor and blessing to be able to help people through that very difficult time in their life. There was not day that I ever woke up wondering if I made a difference or not when I was in hospice. I am unable to go back to the unit because of the new manager and so I have transitioned to a very different area. But in some ways OB and Hospice are similar areas. Both are assisting patients and families at a very critical time and both are miracles and blessings to be part of just in a different way.

    Any advice or web links anyone can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks... Donna AKA bandaidlady
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  3. by   Lithoman

    You might also use the term "Logician" to find more info.

    I hope this Helps!
  4. by   bandaidlady
    I will give that a try. Thank you so much!

  5. by   twentyyears
    GE sometimes has a webinar that you can log into for training on the centricity system. I would contact your GE rep to find out when the next charting webinar is.
  6. by   dalton22
    I'm in the exact situation trying to learn centricity for L&D.
    Can you help? I need to assess a training manuel so I can learn it.
  7. by   babyktchr
    First of all it is totally unacceptable that you are not being trained properly to work with this system. Your preceptor needs to do this, no matter who she is in the food chain. You would think being a supervisor she would understand this.

    Most EMR programs have their user manuals within the program so you can access it while you are working when having issues or questions. I am sure it is embedded somewhere in there..just have to find the link or ask someone. Centricity to me is a squirrely program, not hard to pick up, but has its nuances that are peculiar and seems to take a long way around to get to the point.

    Hopefully you can find what you need to be successful. Shame you have to find it, instead of it being given to you.

    Good luck