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  1. I have a friend that is living in Russia temporary due to her husbands job. They have been there since aug and will return home in dec. They have recently found they are pregnant, and are very happy about it. My friend is about 7-8 weeks. Through the american consulate she found a recommended english speaking doctor that did some blood testing and found her bilirubin is high, with some bacteria in the urine. The bilirubin concerns me. I am a cardiac nurse and have tried to give her advice, but i am not specialized with ob information. Plese help. I can tell you they said her gallbladder seems fine i believe they tested her amylase and lipase. What other reasons could there be for high bili and how concerned should she be? The levels are two weeks ago were 24.0 mcmol/l, and her direct bilirubin was 6.0 mcmol/l.
    With the retest on October 2, her total bilirubin was 26.4 mcmol/l, and her direct was 8.0.

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    Hi there and welcome to!!

    I am sorry but we can't really advise what should be done in any medical situation. Nurses should not be giving medical advice, whatever our background. Please refer your friend to a trusted MD/OB for proper diagnosis and treatment. I hope her pregnancy and health are safe. I know this will be tricky in another country. Perhaps she has a family doctor at home with whom she can discuss her situation? Just a suggestion. I really do wish her well.

    Please, also, take the time to familiarize yourself with our Terms Of Service, linked below. It discusses medical issues/advice on the site. Thanks and again, welcome!
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    Pregnant women begin increasing their RBC's about 6 weeks and cont until about delivery so they also have increased bili's but I don't have a book in front of me to tell how much is too much but you can't use standard lab values for pregnancy...what does her doctor say and when will she be home?
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    Thread has been closed in order the OP urge her friend to seek medical advice from a doctor/advanced practice nurse. Thanks!