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  1. I just started my OB rotation. (LOVE it, BTW) We are to look up (purpose, route, dosage, etc...) the most commonly used meds on the floor and I was able to find most in the drug books I purchased for Pharm & Peds except things like Tucks, Americaine Spray/Dermoplast & Mammol Ointment/Lansinoh Cream. I assume hydrocortisone works just fine for Tucks, but are there any reliable places online to find info for the others? Thank you!
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  3. by   cdbreez
    Hmmm.....I've been doing postpartum care for so long, I haven't thought about looking these things up. I did find Dermoplast in my Lippincott's drug book, listed under Combination products by drug name. Ingredients: benzocaine, menthol, methylparabin. Lansinoh and Tucks, no luck with brand names or by ingredient.
    I do know Tucks isn't the same as hydrocortisone. It is witchazel astringent. In the hospital I see generic witchazel pads and Preparation H wipes substituted for Tucks.
    And Lansinoh a brand name for lanolin. Some hospitals also substitute a generic "lanolin ointment" for this and patients often bring other brand names of lanolin with them. Health food stores sell organic versions, etc.
    I wonder if both of these might be considered "alternative therapies", kind of like the health food supplements.
    Hope this helps, and I'll keep looking because now I'm curious!!!. Good luck with your studies!
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    Preparation H/Anusol = hydrocortisone
    Tucks = witch hazel pads
    You may find Lansinoh etc. under lanolin, but it may not be in the drug book, unless in the appendix that some have for OTC meds.
  5. by   AmaurosisFugax
    Tucks can be a whole bunch of different things depending on type:

    As to lanolin, I guess they are regarded more as cosmetics/toiletries (ie, not affecting physiology or cell function) rather than drugs...
  6. by   Nighshft
    There is a reference for OTC (over the counter drugs) that may have Tucks on it....