Medical Nurse with an OB interview, any advice?

  1. I have been a nurse for 8 months now so I am fairly new but I have learned so much and feel like I am finally gaining the confidence that all new nurses want to gain. I started out on a medical floor which is where I currently work. There is an opening in the family birthplace so I applied for a transfer and I received a call from the head of the department and set up an interview for Thursday morning after I get off work. This is my dream job as an RN and this is why I wanted to be a nurse. My goals are to be a WHNP and this is the perfect opportunity to get some experience in this specialty. I know that this position is highly sought after so I am extremely nervous about my chances and about the interview because I am extremely socially awkward at times. If anyone could offer some advice, or may know the types of things I may get asked, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Have confidence. They are already interested in you or they wouldn't give you an interview.
  4. by   mjs2118
    Thanks for the reply. I had my interview yesterday, and I think it went pretty good but trying not to get my hopes up. They asked me if I would like to shadow next week so I go on Monday. Hopefully that is a extremely good sign. Not sure if they let everyone they interview shadow or not. The manager said she wants to make an offer by the end of next week, so I plan to follow up with a thank you note and hand deliver it on Monday when I go in for my shadowing experience. Fingers crossed.
  5. by   geekynurseRN
    Did you end up getting the job? You interviewed at the hospital you are working at? Did you current boss know you were interviewing for this position?

    Sorry I ask so many questions, I'm going to be starting on Med/Surg soon and want to eventually move over to OB.
  6. by   mjs2118
    Yes I did get the job and no my manager did not know ahead of time that I was applying for the job. I did not want anyone to know I applied for transfer until I got the job offer IF I did.