Med/surg to L&D

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]hello everyone,

    i am a med/surg rn and have been in this particular field for 2 1/2 years. while its been a very rewarding side of nursing, i find that i am more attracted to labor & delivery.

    my question to you all is, how can i make a transition into l & d when opened positions usually require prior experience in the field?

    the way i see it is how can i gain experience if you won't give me a chance?
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  3. by   biker nurse
    My only suggestion is to talk to the director of L&D(where you work) and see if you can precept and or shadow.
    explain to her what you said here!! good luck!!
  4. by   Anna Flaxis
    That's how it is in the OR here. They will not hire anyone who isn't already trained, and there are no training programs within hundreds of miles. This means hiring and recruiting from the outside, while many internal applicants who would make great OR nurses are passed over. Kinda stinks.
  5. by   KTSUERN
    I am actually going from Med Surg to OB right now... I still am working the Med-surg floor, but the OB girls call me in for deliveries on slow nights or nights when I am off so I can start getting the hang of it... I have seen MANY deliveries so far (especially for a small hospital, we have 2 OB rooms and about 8-10 deliveries/month, as we are a critical access hospital) The hospital has also sent me to training for monitor strips and an 'intro to OB' class. My hospital has worked really well with me! Hope yours does the same! GOOD LUCK!