Maternal nursing interactive DVDs?

  1. I'm studying L&D and I've found some interactive clinical software on the net (Mosby & Lippencott - $40.00 - $240.00).

    Has anyone ever had any experience with software like this, and if so, did you find it helpful? I would be worth the money if I knew it was actually informative and useful.

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    You may want to ask this in the student nurses section also, you may get more feedback.

    I have Prentice Hall Real Nursing Skills: Intermediate & Advanced Nursing Skills that I got in school that I like. Our program did not do skills labs at all, so for some things I felt better "seeing" a review before having to do it in clinicals.

    They make one for L&D also but I have not used it.

    Does anyone else in your program have any of the disks that you could preview? Or any professors (sometimes they get samples)?