Malpractice Insurance

  1. Does every nurse get this?

    Im asking bc Im very interested in becoming a nurse. I was talking to my sister about it today who said I was better off becoming a secretary LOL. My uncle is a Dr and Aunt was a nurse and they were telling my sister the amount of money nurses (and Im sure Drs too) have to spend on malpractice insurance is insane.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Nursing liability insurance is not a requirement for RN licensure, but in my opinion it is wise for any practicing nurse to carry it.

    Unlike medical malpractice insurance which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for coverage in certain specialties, nursing liability insurance is relatively inexpensive, usually less than $200/year.
  4. by   KMP77
    So now nurses would be paying less than $200 a year? And Drs are more, or nurses can pay a large amount? Sorry, lost LOL.
  5. by   Jolie
    Yearly premiums for nurses are typically less than $200/yr.

    Yearly premiums for physicians depend on their specialty, and can range from several thousand dollars/yr. for a lower-risk specialty such as palliative care to hundreds of thousands of dollars/yr. for a high-risk specialty such as neurosurgery, obstetrics, or anesthesia.
  6. by   KMP77
    Oh ok, I see now. Thanks!!
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