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  1. Hi everyone! I am a cardiac telemetry RN at a large hospital in MN. I just accepted a volunteer clinic nurse position at my local Planned Parenthood as well. I am curious if anyone has suggestions for nursing resources. I am new to the contraceptives/STI/reproductive systems/women and men's health aspect of nursing, but am very interested in it. I am into public health and am currently working on my M.S.N in education. I figured PP would be a great place to expand on this.

    Any books or websites would be great. The only books I could find are geared toward medical doctors and not necessarily for nurses. Thanks!

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    Click on specialties at the top of the page. Hit nursing specialties, and then go down the list to public health nurses and they may have an answer for you.
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    Thanks. Admin can delete this thread. Retrospectively, I don't know why I included male in the title, oops.